Harry Potter High Top Shoe

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We've been wondering all of these years what shoes The Boy Who Lived has wore all of these years


These shoes are completely crafted from man-made materials, featuring rubber soles, canvas fabric, and the official Hogwarts crest

They look great with your favorite pair of jeans or your trusty Gryffindor House robe! nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp

While watching all of his intense magical escapades we've always thought, Golly, Harry must be wearing very reliable footwear. He's outran mighty centaurs, dodged giant trolls, and hightailed it out of the Dark Forest to escape from Aragog and his babies so what kind of sneakers support those um, rather unique and dangerous, activities We've done some research, made some calls, and got some answers, all of which led us to these Harry Potter high top shoes.Even if you're not escaping an army of spiders or fending off a club-wielding troll, these unisex Harry Potter shoes will